Recommended before coming to class

I request all students to do this before coming to class. It's a method I've used all my life. Growing up in Burma, hottish salt water gargle was always the first resort when having a sore throat. It's also a method we use regularly in Sahaja Yoga because it helps the Vishuddhi Chakra (Throat) as well as the Manipur Chakra (Stomach).

I received this information today. All these measures should come to an end in all countries.

"The following countries announced the cancellation of all quarantine procedures, Corona tests, and compulsory vaccination, and considering Corona just a seasonal flu:

1) Turkey

2) Brazil

3) Britain

4) Sweden

5) Spain

6) Czech Republic

7) Mexico

8) El Salvador

9) Japan

10) Singapore

: *The end of the Corona virus with this German prevention.*

German scientists announced, after a series of studies, that the Corona virus not only reproduces in the lungs like the SARS virus in 2002, but also spreads widely in the throat during the first week of infection.

Scientists suggested to the German chancellor and the Minister of Health that they ask people to do a simple task several times a day, which is to gargle with a semi-hot solution of Abmonak.

They have long stressed the need to do this, and now, after the results of experiments conducted by German biologists on the multiplication of the Corona virus in the throat, they have emphasized once again the necessity of gargling with a lukewarm solution of water and salt ..

German scientists assure the German Ministry of Health: if all people clear their throat several times a day by gargling with a semi-hot solution of salt water, then the virus will be completely eliminated throughout Germany within a week.

Experiments have shown that by gargling with a solution of water and salt, we constantly turn our throats into a completely alkaline environment, and this environment is the worst environment for the coronavirus, because with salt water, the pH of the mouth changes to an alkaline pH, and if we gargle several times a day by gargling with saline Almost hot, we are not giving the coronavirus a chance to multiply.

It is therefore necessary for all people to gargle with a semi-hot saline solution several times a day several times a day especially in the morning and before leaving the house and after returning home, so as not to allow the Corona virus to multiply at all in the same initial period.

Let's ask all people to apply these important and simple health tips with commitment

As this article goes viral, you too will be in the circle of those fighting the spread of the coronavirus

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Photos: Salt Mine in Yekaterinburg, Russia