Music and its positive transformative powers

"If your desire is strong, things will work out." "God has given you the ears to enjoy the music of his rhythm and you can only feel when you become a realised soul." HH Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Founder of Sahaja Yoga.

Music played by realised souls has the divine vibrations flowing through them that carries with it properties of positive transformative powers.

We are music. We are made on the waves of the first primordial sound that came into being. The universe is made from that primordial sound and all life, animate and inanimate, exist on these waves created from that first sound that has been streaming outward for billions of years, bringing into existence universes after universes.

Music has to be shared. It has to be felt. It has to elevate. We can feel the inspirational nature of music more intensely when we listen to it through our Enlightened Sahastrara Chakra. We need to achieve that last breakthrough, the opening of our crown chakra, the Sahastrara or Fontanelle, altogether, only then Humanity reaches its culmination and finds its true meaning and purpose. Sahaja Yoga Bhajan Instrumental - Supremo by Ajit Kakde