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How to get your child started in music lessons

We always want our children to have music in their lives. Not just listening to music but to be able to make music. We also believe that it is a very good idea to start young but how young and will they be ready for structured lessons?

There's no one answer as it depends on the aptitude of the child but here are some of my recommendations to introduce your 6 year old to music before you commit to weekly lessons. Take them to see live bands, sit down and listen to a busker, immerse them in your traditional music (and dance), listen to all styles of music: contemporary, ballads, classical, blues and accompaniment.

Choose good piano pieces where they can hear clearly that someone is playing while they're singing as well as orchestrated pieces. Listening to different styles of music, live and recorded, will acquaint them with the endless variations in harmonies, melodies and rhythms. Visit music shops and browse through the different musical instruments on display.

The repertoire of the Simply Music Piano Program that I teach is a good beginners piano method based on learning all the different styles as described above. It's also an excellent adult's piano program for those who want to pick up where they left off as it is a smoother transition back into playing and reading music.

Music is subjective, therefore, choose music that appeals to you and it will appeal to your child. If you've never played piano before and want to learn it's a good way to prepare your child or you for piano lessons.

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