When is a good time to start children in piano lessons?

We always want our children to have music in their lives. Not just listening to music but to be able to play music. We also believe that it is a very good idea to start young but how young and will they be ready for structured lessons?

There's no one answer as it depends on the aptitude of the child but I like to start them at 6.5. years of age because they're just about ready to sit still for the 30 minutes it takes in a Simply Music piano lesson.

Having a good piano or keyboard to play on from the very beginning is a great way to maintain their interest as they have to love the sound they're hearing.

Long before enrolling children into structured music learning, it is a good thing to expose them to all styles of music from as many different cultures as possible to allow them to imbibe the different melodic, harmonic and rhythmic structures. Take them to live concerts, stop and watch buskers performing, listen to recorded music and sing along!