Look after the health of a child up to age 12 and you'll look after their health for life

I wish to share something that is little known and can only be found in Sahaj Yoga. The development and healthiness of a child's immune system is very much entwined with that of the mother and is built up within the person up to the age of 12. The antibodies built up during this period become the storehouse upon which we draw throughout the rest of our lives. However, if a person takes to the practice of Sahaja Yoga then the immune system becomes enlightened and connected to a constantly replenishing source of divine vibrations. The immune system is built up in our Sternum Bone which is looked after by the chakra that we call, in Sahaja Yoga, the Centre Heart/Anahata Chakra.

Another thing that we learn through Sahaja Yoga is that up to the age of 7 years, deftness is laid down into our being via the myelin sheath, therefore, it is the time when we should teach our children carefully skills that include helping around the house, making their bed, tidying up their clothes and study area, setting time aside for homework, art, craft, music, gardening, caring for others, etc. As they're so little, we shouldn't expect them to be 'perfect' but it lays down the memory that is further built upon as they grow older.

The health and well being of parents is crucial in how balanced a child will be. I didn't know this until I started practicing Sahaja Yoga so we don't need to feel guilty but now that you know, it will be good for us all to take a moment to examine our lifestyles.