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June 10, 2020

I've practiced Sahaja Yoga Meditation for more than 30 years and I now wish to share with you some of the wonderful things that I learned. 

The first thing is that a child's immune system development is entirely dependent upon the mother up to the age of 12, which means the health and well being of the mother plays a vital role in the strength and formulation of the child's immune system.  The anti bodies built up during this period is the storehouse upon which they will draw through out the rest of their lives unless they take to the practice of Sahaja Yoga at which time, the enlightened immune system becomes connected to a constantly replenishing source of Divine Vibrations.  It's the same for adults too who practice Sahaja Yoga.  


Up to the age of 7 years deftness is laid down into our being via the myelin sheath, therefore, it is the time when we should teach our children skills that include making their bed, helping around the house, art, craft, music, gardening, caring for others, etc.  But of course, since they're so little, you wouldn't expect them to be 'perfect' but it lays down the memory that is further built upon as they grow older. 

The health and well being of parents is crucial in how balanced a child will be.  I didn't know this until I started practicing Sahaja Yoga so we don't need to feel guilty but now that you know, it will be good for us all to take a moment to examine our lifestyles. 

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