How do Online Piano Lessons Work?

If you’re looking for affordable piano lessons you can participate in, consider going online. With online piano lessons, you’ll learn the same skills and techniques you would as in-person lessons, but you’re able to do it in the comfort of your own home. So, how do these affordable piano lessons work and what’s the process? Read on to learn more about online piano lessons and what you can expect.


Before you start playing, you’ll have an introductory lesson where you’ll get to meet the teacher. Be sure to tell them about your goals and what you’re aiming to achieve through the online piano lessons. If you already have some experience playing the piano, be sure to mention this, too. Whether you’re brand-new to the idea of playing or you just need to brush up, the introductory lesson is a good way to assess your skills so that your teacher can plan more effective future lessons.

Piano Basics

If you have a piano at home, you’ll start learning the basics first. Your teacher will show you the correct way to sit at the piano and how to handle the keys correctly. You’ll also learn the best ways to “hit” the keys and how to understand music for the most effective practices. Even if you’ve never played, the basic first lessons are crucial to ensuring your future success. Online piano lessons are also a great way to get a refresher course if you’re a little “dusty.”


You’ll play classical, blues, ballads and accompaniment pieces from your very first lessons using the playing-base Simply Music Piano. These affordable piano lessons are a great way to learn something new and have fun in the process.