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I teach the remarkable Simply Music Piano that is an Australian playing-base Entry-level piano program that makes learning easy for students of all ages - children, teenagers, adults and seniors. You don't need to have had any prior experience. To succeed all I need from you is your coachability.  My approach is to immerse students in the art of playing the piano while building a large repertoire first before introducing them to the reading process.  

I encourage my students to develop their natural self-expression through the music as they learn to play great sounding blues, jazz, ballads, accompaniment and classical pieces from their very first lessons. 

For Advanced students who have had prior experience with the reading-base method, Simply Music Piano could assist in acquiring the skill of playing without needing to rely on the written music as it is a playing-base program.  From the beginning you'll learn to source the instructions from the instrument that will allow you to take your repertoire and map it out on the piano.  Advanced learners will also benefit from being exposed to a variety of musical styles and learning approaches that is inherent in the Simply Music Piano Curriculum.  

The program's aim is for you to  have music as a companion for life.  

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About Simply Music, a pioneer in music education, visit:

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Practice to Perform, Excellence with Effort and a Smile!

I work out of my home-based piano studio in Annandale (Sydney Inner West).  Since starting out in 2005, I've taught hundreds of students from age 6 up to 89 years of age. 

My approach is to make your lessons enjoyable and to coach you to succeed in becoming the piano player you want to be.  

I learned to play the piano as an adult - with the Simply Music playing-base method - which gives me a unique appreciation for the challenges that you will face and because learning music is about learning a new language. 

Piano is a wonderful instrument as it helps us to develop a balanced personality.  That is what I discovered as it makes us engage with the instrument at the mental, emotional and physical levels.  It streamlines and focuses attention, develops our memory muscles and dexterity, opens the heart and makes us smarter people as it teaches us problem solving skills.   

Certified Simply Music Piano Teacher/WWCC0401777E 

Bachelor of Arts-Visual Arts/TAA-TAE/Performing Arts/Sahaja Yoga Meditation Teacher


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ONLINE PIANO LESSONS - for those who cannot get to a teacher
PIANO WORKSHOPS for Adults & Seniors

"The lessons have given me knowledge of piano and skills, which throughout has been an amazing experience.  I enjoy all my classes and look forward to every lesson."  Shreya, age 14
The lessons are very well organised and easy to follow.  The comforting home-style feel at the lessons is what I like most." Murray, age 25  
"Audrey has learnt so much in a short amount of time.  She enjoys singing whilst playing the piano." Khen, parent, Audrey age 7 
"Great course structure which is engaging and allows beginners to not lose interest."
Sharani, parent, Kyra, age 7
"The lessons reach up to my expectations because the teacher is very kind and pushes me to go higher." Kiesha, age 10
"I love the songs and it's really easy to remember and learn. Most of the time my family comes into the room to listen to my songs.  They sometimes dance to it, which makes me laugh." Faiva, age 9  - Faiva first played and sang Oh Holy Night at our 2019 Christmas Piano Party 
"I like Simply Music because it is easy to follow and understand." Ethan, age 11
"What I like the most about Simply Music is the Blues!" Lucas, age 9
"It is an enjoyable way to learn music. I can manage it at my own pace." Kor, age 67


Amazing Grace. Audrey, Age 7, Level 1
Honey Dew, Audrey, Age 7, Level 1
Night Storm, Audrey, Age 7, Level 1
Sit By My Side_Faiva_Age10
In My Eyes_Faiva_Age10
Alma Mater Blues 3, Lucas, Age 8 (Simply
The Gaz-1_Ethan_Level 5.MP3
Walking with Billy, Lucas, Age 9, Level 3
Light Blue, Lucas, Age 9 (Simply Music,



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