Piano lessons can be for age 6 to 106! 

Do you want your child or you to be able to play piano and sing, compose, read and write music? 

Then you've come to the right place.

 I teach the breakthrough Simply Music Method that is an Australian playing-based entry-level piano program that makes learning easy for all ages. The approach is to immerse students in the joy of playing while building a large repertoire first before introducing them to the reading process.  I encourage my students to develop their natural self-expression through the music.

Students learn to play ballads, classical, blues and accompaniment pieces from their very first lessons. It's a comprehensive piano curriculum that is suitable for children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Experience first hand the ease of learning playing-based by attending a free Introductory Session - FIS.  

See below the different lesson modes that I offer, read testimonials from students and parents and, listen to a few recordings.

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I work out of my home based piano studio in Belfield.  

My aim is to make your piano lessons enjoyable, see you succeed at each lesson and reach your overall goal to play piano. 

Since starting out in 2005, I've had great results teaching students from 6 years to 89 years, seeing their skills and confidence grow.  

I grew up in a house filled with music but circumstances prevented me from being able to study the piano as a child and like many hung onto the desire to one day be able to play. When I came across the Simply Music Piano Program, I decided to give it a go as it claimed to be able to have a student, of any age, learn to play a complete piece of music in their first lesson.  It happened! 

Starting out as an adult gives me a unique appreciation for and perspective of the method that I bring to my lessons.  I know the challenges that my students face and am able to help them overcome them. 

I also bring to my piano classes insights into how people learn, gained from studying the human system for more than 30 years. The design of the Simply Music Piano methodology and my unique understanding of the human system are complimentary.  

I teach my students ways to bring body, mind and emotions into balance during the lesson process that is to do with developing the whole person. 

Greta More

Certified Simply Music Teacher, WWCC0401777E, BA Visual Arts / TAA-TAE/ Performing Arts

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See - Student and Parent Testimonials.  



Personalised Attention

ONLINE PIANO LESSONS - for those who cannot get to a teacher

The Gaz-1_Ethan_Level 5.MP3
Amazing Grace. Audrey, Age 7, Level 1
Honey Dew, Audrey, Age 7, Level 1
Night Storm, Audrey, Age 7, Level 1
Walking with Billy, Lucas, Age 9, Level 3
Alma Mater Blues 3, Lucas, Age 8 (Simply

By Parents and Students

"The lessons have given me knowledge of piano and skills, which throughout has been an amazing experience.  I enjoy all my classes and look forward to every lesson."  Shreya, age 14
The lessons are very well organised and easy to follow.  The comforting home-style feel at the lessons is what I like most." Murray, age 25  
"Audrey has learnt so much in a short amount of time.  She enjoys singing whilst playing the piano." Khen, parent, Audrey age 7
"Great course structure which is engaging and allows beginners to not lose interest."
Sharani, parent,Kyra, age 7"
"The lessons reach up to my expectations because the teacher is very kind and pushes me to go higher." Kiesha, age 10
"I love the songs and it's really easy to remember and learn. Most of the time my family comes into the room to listen to my songs.  They sometimes dance to it, which makes me laugh." Faiva, age 9
- Faiva singing Oh Holy Night, Christmas Piano Party 2019. 

"I like Simply Music because it is easy to follow and understand." Ethan, age 11
"What I like the most about Simply Music is the Blues!" Lucas, age 9
"It is an enjoyable way to learn music. I can manage it at my own pace." Kor, age 67
"Very professional, kind and caring towards my daughter who feels happy and comfortable.  Punctual.  Calm." Pamela, parent, Natalie, age 8 
“Simply Music lessons are enjoyable and challenging!”  Elena, age 46
"The lessons have been very helpful and they are fun at the same time." Jennifer, age 19

Light Blue, Lucas, Age 9 (Simply Music,



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