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Do you want your child or you to be able to play piano and sing, compose, read and write music?  Then you've come to the right place.

I'm Greta, owner and founder of Singing Keys Piano Studio and I teach out of my home based piano studio in Belfield, Sydney, NSW.  

I teach the Simply Music Piano Program that is designed as a playing-based method where students of all ages, no exception, learn to play great sounding ballads, blues, classical and accompaniment pieces from the very first lessons.

Piano lessons are suited for groups, private or shared sessions. 

My piano lessons are tailored for children from 6 years of age to teenagers, adults and seniors.  I am very good with children as I understand what it is to be a learner and I welcome special needs students.  

I offer beginner piano lessons for adults as well as those who want to resume their piano playing. 

I will take you step by step through each piece and you'll be playing a great repertoire of close to 30, 40 pieces of music in your first year.  

For more information about the Simply Music Piano Program and Curriculum:  www.simplymusic.com


Greta's Story

Music as a friend for life

I work out of my home based piano studio in Belfield.  

My aim is to make your piano lessons enjoyable, see you succeed at each lesson and reach your overall goal to be able to sing, play, compose, improvise, read and write music. 

Since starting out in 2005, I've had great results teaching students from 6 years to 89 years, seeing their skills and confidence grow.  

I grew up in a house filled with music but circumstances prevented me from being able to study the piano as a child and like many hung onto the desire to one day be able to play. When I came across the Simply Music Piano Program, I decided to give it a go as it claimed to be able to have a student, of any age, learn to play a complete piece of music in their first lesson.  It happened! 

Starting out as an adult gives me a unique appreciation for and perspective of the method that I bring to my lessons.  I know the challenges that my students face and am able to help them overcome them. 

I also bring to my piano classes insights into how people learn, gained from studying the human system for more than 30 years. The design of the Simply Music Piano methodology and my unique understanding of the human system are complimentary.  I teach my students ways to bring body, mind and emotions into balance during the lesson process that has to do with developing the whole person. 

Greta More

Certified Simply Music Teacher


BA Visual Arts / TAA-TAE/ Speech & Drama

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See - Student and Parent Testimonials.  


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Simply Music Piano - a fun way to learn.


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TESTIMONIALS - what others say about Greta's teaching style

"Fantastic, especially seeing Lucas learn so many pieces in such a short time frame." Khen, parent of Lucas, age 6.

"Great course structure which is engaging and allows beginners to not lose interest." Sharani, parent of Kyra, age 7

"It's really good and so easy for my kid to learn.  So clear in how Greta explains." Tomasi, parent of Pofaiva, age 8

"Very professional, kind and caring towards my daughter who feels happy and comfortable.  Punctual.  Calm." Pamela, parent of Natalie, age 8.  

"I am happy with the lessons so far as I can use techniques taught by the teacher in other songs. My teacher guides me if I do something wrong, she also helps me find patterns in songs we go through." Aryan, age 14

"The lessons have been very helpful and they are fun at the same time." Jennifer, Uni Student, age 19

“What I like most about the Simply Music piano lessons is that they are enjoyable and challenging! What I like most about Greta is her patience and talent.”  Elena, professional, age 46.

"It is an enjoyable way to learn music. I can manage it at my own pace." Kor, retired doctor, age 67.


Contact Greta

67 Punchbowl Rd, BELFIELD (Sydney) NSW 2191, Australia


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The Simply Music Piano Method redefines who can be a teacher of piano.  Find out more @ 


67 Punchbowl Rd, BELFIELD (Sydney) NSW 2191, Australia

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