Singing Keys Piano Studio

Piano Lessons ~ 5-95!

Greta More at Singing Keys Pinao Studio in Belfield teaches the amazing Simply Music Piano that is a playing-based method which allows students to develop a natural connection with the piano. You will play great sounding pieces with both hands from your very first lessons. Piano/keyboard Lessons suitable for 5-95!  30 mins once a week. One-on-One. On-line learning. Special learners.  Free Introductory Session.  Great rates.  Sibling discounts.

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Testimonials by adult students: "Enjoyable and challenging." Elena" - Very Enjoyable." Julie - "The Simply Music method works!" D.D - "I can't believe how many pieces I have learnt in such a short time." Kate - "So many styles of music, just fantastic and getting more enjoyment from playing than ever before." Mary - "Challenging lessons in an extremely serene environment with a very patient calm teacher." Tracy

"Erin (7 years) enjoys playing piano for the first time. She can play piano with confidence now and plays all different kinds of music styles. Greta is clear and precise and tries new/different approaches to better understand my child."  Lika, Parent

"What I like best about Simply Music are the ballads and the variations because they sound beautiful!"  Jasmine, 13 years

"What I like most about Simply Music Piano is that everything is broken down so that I can learn the song in smaller sections and really understand what I am playing. We also talk about how things I am learning now will help me in later levels. I have been able to use the chords to practice songs with my classmates. I use the chords a lot to help me when I am practicing singing." Laurie-Ann, Performing Arts student, 20 years

"It is an enjoyable way to learn music. I can manage it at my own pace."  Dr. Kor Lee, 71 years

"What I like most about the Simply Music piano lessons is that they are enjoyable and challenging! What I like most about Greta is her patience and talent." Elena, 48 years

"I love doing Simply Music. Greta is very motivating and always respectful towards all students."  Rico, 14 years

"We have seen Ashley (13 years) really improve in academics since she started piano at Greta’s studio.” Netsai, Parent


Adress: 67 Punchbowl Road Belfield 2191      Phone: 0410 550 551