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Piano Lessons ~ 5-95!

Greta More at Singing Keys Pinao Studio in Belfield teaches the amazing Simply Music Piano that is a playing-based method which allows students to develop a natural connection with the piano. You will play great sounding pieces with both hands from your very first lessons. Piano/keyboard Lessons suitable for 5-95!  30 mins once a week. One-on-One. On-line learning. Special learners.  Free Introductory Session.  Great rates.  Sibling discounts.

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Simply music

"Music is like a painting to be expressed.  Melody and Harmony are like lines and colours in pictures." Rabindranath Tagore

Simply Music Piano is a play first-read later method developed by founder, Neil Moore, where the learning is similar to the way we acquired language - 'Traditional methods insist that beginners learn to read music as the means of learning to play. This removes the natural connection between student and instrument and commonly, it removes all the fun, too. In fact, expecting students to read music before they’ve learned to play is like expecting children to read and spell before they’ve learned to talk. In stark contrast, Simply Music temporarily delays reading and introduces a revolutionary, ‘playing based’ approach – a body of unique concepts that unfold directly onto the keyboard, producing unprecedented results. With Simply Music, you experience the pleasure and satisfaction that comes from immediately playing a huge repertoire of great- sounding music.'

"Even as a beginner, Simply Music students are immersed in playing beautiful arrangements, compositions and improvisations."

The method is based on the premise that everyone, without exception, is naturally musical. It is the largest, playing-based music education institution in the world and is taught by Licensed Educators at more than 700 locations throughout the world. 

“This is a wonderful music program and the results are astounding! Even if you don’t consider yourself musically inclined, this program is for you. I also think it could be a major breakthrough for children with a variety of cognitive delays and learning difficulties. I love Simply Music’s approach.” - Dr. Anne Margaret Wright (Psy.D.) Educational Consultant


Adress: 67 Punchbowl Road Belfield 2191      Phone: 0410 550 551