Singing Keys Piano Studio

Piano Lessons ~ 5-95!

Greta More at Singing Keys Pinao Studio in Belfield teaches the amazing Simply Music Piano that is a playing-based method which allows students to develop a natural connection with the piano. You will play great sounding pieces with both hands from your very first lessons. Piano/keyboard Lessons suitable for 5-95!  30 mins once a week. One-on-One. On-line learning. Special learners.  Free Introductory Session.  Great rates.  Sibling discounts.

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One-on-One, Special Learners, On-line Learners, Workshops, Free Intro Session

Anytime is an o.k. time to take up piano and everyone with a desire can learn to play. Simply Music Piano is for beginners, kids from 5 years of age, teenagers, adults and seniors.  It is an 18-Level Program that is supported by Student Home Materials, purchased as required. 

Piano Lessons Private/Share @ Belfield

Tuesdays to Fridays - 3 pm to 7 pm         Saturdays - 9 am to 4 pm                                                     Please enquire about daytime classes

Piano for Learners with Special Needs @ Belfield

I have taught students with mild Autism, ADD, Dyslexia, partial blindness and those with coordination difficulties. I bring to my piano lessons a teaching style that is based on years of indepth study of the Human Subtle System that allows me to have insight into each student's special style of processing information. This enables me to bring out the best in them and guide them to success.  (see Articles)

Piano On-Line @ Skype

Being playing-based, it is easy for students to grasp the concepts of the Simply Music Piano methodology.   One-on-One via SKYPE once a week, 40-50mins,  supported by Student Home Materials, purchased as required. 

Piano Workshops @ Belfield

4 x 50 min lessons or in a block of 2.5 hours, Private or Share.  The Simply Music Piano Workshops are designed to expose students to a new method of how to play the piano.  Supported by Student Materials.  Cost $180 not including materials.

Free Introductory / Information Session @ Belfield

Bookings required. 40 min session. Experience the method and have all your questions answered relating to how Simply Music Piano differs from other methods, its benefits, attendance and practice requirements, tuition fees and other studio policies.

Adress: 67 Punchbowl Road Belfield 2191      Phone: 0410 550 551