Singing Keys Piano Studio

Piano Lessons ~ 5-95!

Greta More offers piano lessons in Belfield, Sydney's Inner West, using the playing-based Simply Music Piano method that helps students develop a natural connection with the instrument. Play great sounding pieces with both hands from the very first lessons. Suitable for beginners, kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. Weekly lessons. Private or Share. Learners with special needs welcome. Online learning available for those who can't get to a teacher. Sibling discounts for shared lessons. Free Introductory Session. Enquire now! 


Piano Lessons -  Belfield, Inner West -     Private or Share - Free Introductory Session

Weekly Piano Lessons - Private or Share

Tuesdays to Fridays -  2 pm to 7 pm & Saturdays - 9 am to 2 pm      

Supported by Student Home Materials purchased as required.  Sibling discounts apply for Shared lessons.  Please enquire about my daytime piano classes.  

Free Introductory Session -

Bookings required. 30-40 min session.

Piano Lessons Kids & Teenagers

Studies show that learning a musical instrument makes kids smarter!  

 "And we’re seeing that when a child is immersed in music learning, (his)/her brain grows differently: it’s more interconnected and functions at a uniquely higher level." Music and The Art of Long Term Relationships by Neil Moore (see Articles)

Piano for Adults & Seniors

Helps keep the brain young!  Simply Music Piano is the only program that offers adults and seniors the opportunity to learn to play piano and sing within a relatively short period of time. 

"It is an enjoyable way to learn. Minimal stress. I manage it at my own pace."  Dr. Kor Lee, Age 65

Piano improves learning difficulties

Suitable for those with special learning requirements because of it's playing-based approach, the genesis of the unique Simply Music Piano method was to do with finding a way to teach a little blind boy how to play piano.  The rest is history. 

 "He has learned more with you in six months than he had in the past two years with the other method."  Parent of student age 10.   

Piano On-Line @ Skype, One-on-One

If you can't get to a teacher it's a great way to get started. 

Piano Workshops - All

A good way to be introduced to Simply Music Piano's playing-based method.    4 lessons or in a block of 2 hours.  Cost varies, private or share.  Supported by Student Home Materials, additional. 

Adress: 67 Punchbowl Road Belfield 2191      Phone: 0410 550 551