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Piano Lessons ~ 5-95!

Free Introductory Session

A piano program for everyone. Suitable for children, teenagers and adults. The breakthrough Simply Music program will have students playing great sounding blues, ballads, classical and accompaniment pieces from their very first lessons. The program is also online learning friendly for those who cannot get to a teacher. Children who need to overcome learning difficulties, they will find this program of tremendous help and will develop confidence from the progress they see in themselves each week.

Private or shared lessons once a week. Sibling discounts.

People Need People

People need people.  We've forgotten that in the hectic and programmed lifestyle of our modern era. All this automation, computerisation, mechanisation is hurting our central nervous system.  Parents are exhausted and this heat gets absorbed by the children.  Children then develop health issues, learning difficulties mostly to do with concentration because the liver is too hot.  On the go 7 days a week, the liver which does so much work in the body including taking the heat out of the system to pass it through the blood stream is overloaded.

How many people do you see these days looking down at their hand phones and oblivious to the scenery they're passed through, the people they've walked pass.  How often do you sit at your computer interacting on a social media platform but are really alone?  Think about it, there's no one in the room with you. We're interacting with glass screen.  It's not real.  

Computers are glorified typewriters and filing cabinets combined!  We need to relax, calm down, appreciate nature, give time to be with each other and sing and play music!

Here's a song by Barbra Streisand, People Who Need People, when she first performed it at the age of 21 in her show called Funny Girl .  Here she sings it again in 1994 -


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