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Greta More offers piano lessons in Belfield, Sydney's Inner West, using the playing-based Simply Music Piano method that helps students develop a natural connection with the instrument. Play great sounding pieces with both hands from the very first lessons. Suitable for beginners, kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. Weekly lessons. Private or Share. Learners with special needs welcome. Online learning available for those who can't get to a teacher. Sibling discounts for shared lessons. Free Introductory Session. Enquire now! 


Have to feel comfortable when you practice piano

I would make this compulsory for all architecture courses.  It's very difficult to practice piano if you're feeling uncomfortable.  Since I came here in 1971 I have to say I've been mostly uncomfortable becuase Australian homes are designed so badly - cold in winter and hot in summer.  Always needing artificial help to heat and cool the interior.  I first came across this concept in Perth, 1992, when I went with a friend to take some photos of a home built along the lines of passive-solar design.  It was so pleasant to be in.  It was the middle of winter and the owner could walk around in a t-shirt and said that they had had to turn on the heating only twice.  The materials used to construct the home were also very pleasant.  It should be a 'must' rather than an 'option' for all homes designed in Australia.  It should become the new norm.  It would make living and working in them so much more soothing.  Details at - Passive Design Your Home

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