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Enrol before the 25th of January 2018 and receive a 10% discount off the first 6 months of study. Quote this website. 
Greta More, Simply Music Piano teacher, offers piano lessons in Belfield (Sydney's Inner West). Suitable for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Acquire a solid foundation in music studies, develop a natural connection with the piano, acquire a large repertoire of great sounding blues, ballads, classical and accompaniment in the first year of study.   Weekly private or shared lessons, sibling discounts apply. Suitable for students with learning difficulties as well as On-line learning.  Backpacker Workshops. Free Introductory Session. All enquires welcome. 


About Greta's blog

I'm a certified Simply Music Piano Teacher, an advocate for good education and a Sahaja Yogini.

Back-to-basics at Primary School levels, providing students grounding in reading, writing and arithmatic.  Remove computers from the hands of these children and put pen and pencil in their hands. Remove the 'smart' boards from classrooms because it's a wedge between teacher, their thought processes that get translated through the hand.  Go back to chalk, duster and blackboard.  It's immediate and children see the information being written.  They read along and process the information.  When they are asked to copy that into their workbooks it's now the second time they're processing the information.  Learning is about information being absorbed onto the Central Nervous System through the five senses before it is transformed into knowledge. 

I have a vision for Secondary and Tertiary levels too. 

It's hard to believe that one could become a 'yogini' in these modern times but that is just what has happened to me.  One doesn't have to retire to the mountains, live an austere life, renounce everything.  In these modern times, the ordinary householder has to become the enlightened soul.  The founder of Sahaja Yoga stipulated that it should be taught free of charge becuase She said that a person cannot pay for what they already possess and that it's more like one lighted candle being able to enlighten many. 

Adress: 67 Punchbowl Road Belfield 2191      Phone: 0410 550 551