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Greta More, Simply Music Piano teacher, offers piano lessons in Belfield (Sydney's Inner West). Suitable for children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Acquire a solid foundation in music studies, develop a natural connection with the piano, acquire a large repertoire of great sounding blues, ballads, classical and accompaniment in the first year of study.   Weekly private or shared lessons, sibling discounts apply. Suitable for students with learning difficulties as well as On-line learning.  Backpacker Workshops. Free Introductory Session. All enquires welcome. 


Play piano like yourself

To use Helen Mirren's first action in the video as an analogy for playing piano i.e. 'walking as yourself', making that most difficult first entry onto stage, piano players have to learn to 'play like themself.'  A skill developed through regular practice and performance.

I spent around 10 years doing acting. Took lessons with the New Theatre and a number of well known directors at the time. Studied the Stanislavsky method of acting and acted in plays with the best amateur theatre of the day, The Rocks Players. Took modern ballet dance classes with Kai Tai Chan, I think that was his name. Had a great mime teacher; Feldenkrais method, the Alexander Technique - all kinds of things I got involved in. My Jazz ballet teacher was also great. Learned a lot from her and still use those warm up exercises to limber up. I also did Tai Chi and Lohan Kung with a great master who was also a great doctor and had worked for Mao!!!

I was also working in the Channel Ten newsroom at the time and sometimes I'd start work at 5am with the Good Morning Australia show, typing up the newscripts -adrenalin rush - then go on and work until 6pm for the Director of News and second adrenalin rush of the day, help prepare the main evening news bulletin, (that's madly typing up newscripts with 6 carbon copies, no mistakes, at 100wpm for 4 hours! - before heading off to acting classes or rehearsals and then chill out with everyone having a very late supper. It was a great time and great experience.…/helen-mirren-teaches-acting…&

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