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Experienced and accredited, Greta More teaches the breakthrough Simply Music Piano method from her home based studio in Belfield.

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Beethoven's Fur Elise and Ode To Joy

The Note A just below Middle C on the piano is said to have something in common with the primordial sound of Om, that is, the frequency at which they vibrate is 111hz.  Om is made up of three sounds A.U.M.  A-representing the first of the three powers of the Goddess to commence Her work of the Creation. 

In Beethoven’s Fur Elise, the note you hear when the right hand melodic notes connect with the left hand harmonic notes in the first phrase is A.  

In Ode To Joy, the piece opens with the Note E played twice emphasizing it, as if to ask the listener, did you hear it?  Did you hear the sound of the universe?  E is A's 5th, an intrinsic part of A.

Is this why we find these pieces so appealing?  Did Beethoven know about this consciously or did he write in an inspired manner, hearing the universal sound unconsciously?  Was it this inner hearing that enabled him to continue to write music even when he could no longer hear through the physical ear?


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