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A piano program for everyone. Suitable for children, teenagers and adults. The breakthrough Simply Music program will have students playing great sounding blues, ballads, classical and accompaniment pieces from their very first lessons. The program is also online learning friendly for those who cannot get to a teacher. Children who need to overcome learning difficulties, they will find this program of tremendous help and will develop confidence from the progress they see in themselves each week.

Private or shared lessons once a week. Sibling discounts.

People Need People

People need people.  We've forgotten that in the hectic and programmed lifestyle of our modern era. All this automation, computerisation, mechanisation is hurting our central nervous system.  Parents are exhausted and this heat gets absorbed by the children.  Children then develop health issues, learning difficulties mostly to do with concentration because the liver is too hot.  On the go 7 days a week, the liver which does so much work in the body including taking the heat out of the system to pass it through the blood stream is overloaded.

How many people do you see these days looking down at their hand phones and oblivious to the scenery they're passed through, the people they've walked pass.  How often do you sit at your computer interacting on a social media platform but are really alone?  Think about it, there's no one in the room with you. We're interacting with glass screen.  It's not real.  

Computers are glorified typewriters and filing cabinets combined!  We need to relax, calm down, appreciate nature, give time to be with each other and sing and play music!

Here's a song by Barbra Streisand, People Who Need People, when she first performed it at the age of 21 in her show called Funny Girl .  Here she sings it again in 1994 -


Celebrating 20 Years of Transforming Music Education

January 2018 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Creation of the breakthrough Simply Music playing-based Program/Curriculum by Neil Moore.   The Simply Music program is taught internationally to people of all ages who are enjoying the opportunity to learn to play piano - blues, classical, accompaniment and contemporary pieces - from their very first lessons.  
Students learn to sing and play, sing and accompany themselves, read, write, improvise and compose as they progress through the comprehensive Simply Music curriculum.  It's categorised as a playing-based method because the reading is temporarily delayed as students are first coached in seeing and understanding construction of music on the keys.  (Traditional method is categorised as a reading-based method and the Suzuki method as a listening-based method.) 
The repertoire developed in this initial period forms the basis for the reading program.  It's akin to the way we've learned how to speak our language: speak first, read and write later.  It all makes much more sense when doing it this way.  
As a certified Simply Music teacher I conduct my classes from the perspective of imparting of knowledge to last a lifetime.  
More about the Simply Music International Body at 

Play piano like yourself

To use Helen Mirren's first action in the video as an analogy for playing piano i.e. 'walking as yourself', making that most difficult first entry onto stage, piano players have to learn to 'play like themself.'  A skill developed through regular practice and performance.

I spent around 10 years doing acting. Took lessons with the New Theatre and a number of well known directors at the time. Studied the Stanislavsky method of acting and acted in plays with the best amateur theatre of the day, The Rocks Players. Took modern ballet dance classes with Kai Tai Chan, I think that was his name. Had a great mime teacher; Feldenkrais method, the Alexander Technique - all kinds of things I got involved in. My Jazz ballet teacher was also great. Learned a lot from her and still use those warm up exercises to limber up. I also did Tai Chi and Lohan Kung with a great master who was also a great doctor and had worked for Mao!!!

I was also working in the Channel Ten newsroom at the time and sometimes I'd start work at 5am with the Good Morning Australia show, typing up the newscripts -adrenalin rush - then go on and work until 6pm for the Director of News and second adrenalin rush of the day, help prepare the main evening news bulletin, (that's madly typing up newscripts with 6 carbon copies, no mistakes, at 100wpm for 4 hours! - before heading off to acting classes or rehearsals and then chill out with everyone having a very late supper. It was a great time and great experience.…/helen-mirren-teaches-acting…&

Songwriting tips

Experimentation and collaboration are all part of writing a song.  "After our Songwriting Tips from Simply Music Friends – Pt 1 post, we asked contributors to give us a more in-depth insight into their process of creating songs. You’ll find that there are as many ways of writing a song as there are songs to write, and, digging into each of our friends’ approaches, you may learn that there is no right or wrong way to write, and that that little piece of magic that we call a song is mostly a product of experimentation and plain old hard work."  by Sue Lopaz
Read more:

passive design homes

Feeling comfortable in the home we live in would have to be number one prirority, you'd think, wouldn't you?  
Since I came to Australia in 1971, I have to say I've been mostly uncomfortable becuase Australian homes are designed neither for winter or summer, too cold in winter and too hot in summer.  Always needing airconditioning to regulate the interior temperature. 
I first came across the concept of 'passive solar design' homes in Perth in 1992, when I went with a friend to take some photos of a home built along these lines.  It was so pleasant to be in.  It was the middle of winter and the owner was walking around in a t-shirt and said that they had turned on the heating only twice. 
The materials used to construct the home were unique.  It should be a 'must' rather than an 'option' for all homes designed in Australia and if I had my way, I'd make this a compulsory subject in all architecture degrees.   It should be the new norm.  Details at - Passive Design Your Home

Music and The Art of Long Term Relationships by Neil Moore, Founder and CEO of Simply Music Int. Org.


Attending piano lessons regularly is a three way partnership - student, teacher and parents. In this very readable e-book Neil shares invaluable insights into what can be done to help the student navigate what is naturally a long term process that has many ups and downs.  Download your free copy from the link.  Please share the link instead of your copy with your friends and colleagues. 

Dyslexia & the Simply Music Piano Method


"Long-standing Simply Music Teacher Greta Moré from Sydney, Australia shares her story of growing up with a unique life outlook that drew her naturally to Simply Music, and her experience teaching the program to students with dyslexia. Drawing from her extensive study of the Human Subtle System philosophy of well-being, she shares her view of how a single-thought-process approach like Simply Music lends itself so well to working with students with dyslexia."  For more information please click here:  -

About Greta's blog

You will find here articles related to music and its benefits and, topics that I find interesting which I feel will be of interest to you.  

I've been a Certified Simply Music Piano teacher since 2005 and a practicing Sahaja Yogini since 1988.  Similarities are that they're both so natural and conducive to health and wellbeing and, easy to master.   

Music is what we're made of as the Universe was created by a sound- Om - or The Big Bang and it is sustained on the waves of this sound.  Our heartbeat is that sound at the microcosmic level.  

We have to take time when learning because the information has to be imbibed on our central nervous system to become innate knowledge, hence, I'm also an advocate for back to basics style of education.  Thorough, carefully imparted, in a peaceful environment.   

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