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Greta More at Singing Keys Pinao Studio in Belfield teaches the amazing Simply Music Piano that is a playing-based method which allows students to develop a natural connection with the piano. You will play great sounding pieces with both hands from your very first lessons. Piano/keyboard Lessons suitable for 5-95!  30 mins once a week. One-on-One. On-line learning. Special learners.  Free Introductory Session.  Great rates.  Sibling discounts.

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About greta

Greta More, Owner/Certified Simply Music Teacher
I love teaching the amazing Simply Music Piano Method that is described as a breakthrough.  It is playing-based and helps students to develop a natural connection with the instrument. 
I began teachng this easy to master comprehensive program in 2005.  Students learn to play great sounding pieces with both hands from their very first lessons. 

My teaching style is engaging and inclusive.  I bring to my classes years of study of how the human system works and how best to inspire and encourage.  It's important to know that anytime is an O.K. time to take up piano.  You and I will be on a long journey together, a musical journey.  Learning music is about learning a new language - a musical language that takes time to imbibe, to make second nature.

I came back to piano as an adult.  I had grown up with music as my mother was a very good pianist and a beautiful mezzo soprano but like many students, gave up, as I found the read-to-play traditional approach difficult.  However, when I was introduced to Simply Music Piano's play first-read later method, my dream of playing piano became a reality.


"And we’re seeing that when a child is immersed in music learning, (his)/her brain grows differently: it’s more interconnected and functions at a uniquely higher level." Music and The Art of Long Term Relationships by Neil Moore (see Articles)
"What we found was the more a child trained on an instrument, ... it accelerated cortical organization in attention skill, anxiety management and emotional control.  The study found increased thickness in parts of the brain responsible for executive functioning, which includes working memory, attentional control and organizational skills. In short, music actually helped kids become more well-rounded. Not only that, they believe that musical training could serve as a powerful treatment of cognitive disorders like ADHD."   Science Just Discovered Something Amazing About What Childhood Piano Lessons Did to You by Tom Barnes, Music.Mic

Piano for kids from 5 years to teenagers - It teaches them a new way of learning, allows them to self generate and to develop a natural relationship with the piano.  They also acquire skills of self-management through maintaining a playlist and regular practice times which have a flow on into other areas of life and study.   

Piano for Special Learners - The genesis of the unique Simply Music method was to do with finding a way to teach a little blind boy how to play piano. The pieces that Neil Moore put together were so great that the little boy was able to teach his younger sister, who was also born blind, how to play.  The success made Neil Moore, the Founder of Simply Music, expand it into the program that it is today.   I am successfully helping students with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, mild Autism, partial blindness, and general learning difficulties to improve their mind/body/emotions coordination and hand/eye/ear coordination that results in them becoming more intergrated; develop self expression and gain confidence from experiencing success at every lesson.

 Dyslexia & the Simply Music Method by Greta More (see Articles)

Piano for Adults, Elders & On-line Piano - The play first-read later method allows anyone to take up playing piano at any age.  It allows for on-line learners to grasp the concepts easily.  Learning with the playing-based Simply Music Piano will help to keep the brain young, improve memory and immune system and, overall wellbeing.

"It is an enjoyable way to learn. Minimal stress. I manage it at my own pace."  Dr. Kor Lee, Age 65

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